• We hope that Trinity Methodist Church is found by all to be a church that reflects the grace of God and love of Christ for everyone.
  • Within our church we seek to build a community of Christian love and mutual care. We seek to build each other up in fellowship; to deepen in our faith and to grow in our relationship with God.
  • In our local neighbourhood we seek to reach out to all with the Gospel message of hope and salvation, and to be involved in, and serve our community for God, in many helpful and practical ways.

Our reason for existence

That we are empowering our Christian community to engage with our local community, intentionally making meaningful links that share God’s love and make disciples.

Our vision for growth

To be a fellowship where we are nurturing each member of our church family to be courageous agents of God’s Kingdom in every aspect of their lives.

Mission Statement

“Following Jesus, building community”

The Trinity Mosaic


The specially commissioned mosaic in the foyer has been designed to represent the mission of the church in the community.

  • The candle – providing the Light of Christ, radiating into all aspects of the work of the church and on into the community
  • The shepherd’s crook – symbolising the pastoral care of the church in the community and the role of Jesus as the Good Shepherd
  • The ears of wheat – representing the dual themes of the harvest, and the Bread of Life sustaining our spiritual growth
  • The fruitful vine – bringing the gift of new life and joyful celebration, and acknowledging that Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches that must remain in Him if we are to bear fruit.
  • The mosaic, set permanently into the fabric of our church, is in effect the ‘Mission Statement’ of Trinity to all who enter our premises in the days and years to come.