A staffed creche runs alongside our Sunday morning service from 10am and is for children from 3 months to 3 years old.  You can make use of this at any time during the service.

Please sign your child into creche each week. Children must be collected by a parent/guardian at the end of morning worship. A child will not be allowed to be collected by a sibling.

Nappy changing:  If a child should need changed in creche, then the parent will be contacted to do this. For child protection reasons leaders and helpers will not change nappies.

Snacks/Food:  We have a policy that no food/snacks should be brought into creche, by you or your child, with the exception of a bottle/cup of milk. This is due to allergies which may exist. Under no circumstances are nuts of any form to be in the creche room, even in a child’s bag.

Accidents/incidents:  Parents will be informed immediately of all head injuries, no matter how small. Other injuries/incidents will be reported to a parent on collection of their child, unless it is deemed necessary to inform the parent sooner than this. Accidents should be recorded by the creche leader in the church accident book.

Child Protection:  All volunteers in creche will be ACCESSNI checked, following the child protection policy of Trinity Methodist Church.

Fire:  In the event of a fire children in creche will be taken to the designated assembly point. Parents should collect their children from there. If such an event occurs, please do not attempt to come to the creche through the building. The children will leave through their own fire door promptly and this will delay you from collecting your child.

Special needs:  Please inform the creche leader of any information that you feel they may need to know about your child. This may range from asthma to other conditions, which your child may have. Children with special needs are welcome in the creche.

Toys:   The creche now has a wide range of toys from play gyms and rattles, car tracks and bricks, to play dough and colouring in books. There is a range of equipment suitable for children from young babies up to three years old.

The toys are cleaned regularly with anti-bacterial wipes to prevent a build up of germs. Toys are regularly checked and broken toys thrown away. If you have any toys, which your own children have grown out of and are still in good condition, please feel free to donate these to the creche.