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Our car boot sale is normally held on the third Saturday of each month from 9am until 12pm. Sellers will have access from 8am. The date for the next sale will be updated above.

Pitches are £5 per car, or £10 per van. If the weather is bad, the sale will be held indoors, and tables will be provided, free of charge.

A range of snacks and refreshments are available.

Booking your pitch in advance is advisable. To arrange this, or for further information, feel free to call 92605335 or contact us on our Facebook page:

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Tips from our sellers

Bring a Friend along to the Car Boot Sale.

Bring a friend to the Car Boot Sale


If possible arrange for a friend or family member to help you out at the car boot sale. It makes life so much easier when your stall is busy or you need to nip to the loo or get a cup of tea.

You could both sell stuff and split the cost of the pitch!


 Packing and Pricing Car Boot Sale Items.

Packing and Pricing items for the Car Boot Sale

When you pack your items for the car boot sale give each item a physical or mental price tag. Some people like to put price tags on their items other prefer not too. Both have their merits, personally I prefer not to use price tags as I find this provokes a lot of buyers to engage in conversation by asking the price and once the banters going, it’s your chance to make the sale.

We used to stick a smiley face note to our car boot sale table that read ‘Open to offers and we love to chat!‘, it proved to be a real ice breaker.

Pack valuable items carefully and seperatley if possible.
Make sure they get to the car boot sale safely!

Be prepared for a rush.

Crowds at Car Boot Sales

Be prepared for a rush. If you appear to have interesting items both buyers and stall holders will flock to you the moment you park up. Whilst things are dignified at Trinity Car Boot Sale (sellers are separated from buyers until 9am) at other car boot sales I have witnessed sellers cars being mobbed while they are still driving to their pitch! And worse still, the very true account of a lady dealer who locked herself inside a sellers car so she could go through the boxes!

Our Advice : The very best thing to do if this happens is park up, lock up and go and get a cup of tea! The buyers will soon disperse or and you can return and set up your stall in relative peace.


Dealing with Dealers.

 Dealers at car boot sales and how to deal with them


There are always dealers at car boot sales. They are generally looking for Jewellery, antiques, toys, electricals, etc. So when you start setting up your stall expect to be bombarded by these dealers asking if you have any of these items. Sadly some people take advantage when your stall is mobbed and in the confussion things can be stolen.

If you do have anything the dealers want thats good news but don’t go out of your way to start digging them out, you can quickly loose track of what’s going on and often undersell an item in the confussion.

Our Advice : Tell any dealers to come back later and deliberatley leave those or valuable items to be unpacked last. It’s best to deal with dealers when you are comfortable and in control of your stall.

Haggling at Car Boot Sales

Haggling is common at Car Boot Sales

Be prepared for the hagglers. Haggling is common place all around the world and car boot sales are no exception. Haggling can range from sensible offers to insulting ones. Haggling can also be fun and allows banter between buyers and sellers. Over the years I have built up quite a repertoire of rebuffs to the hagglers. Though from the outset I always expect to be haggled.

Haggling is an art-form in many parts of the world and what we may condsider to be outright rude and unacceptable behaviour is just common place banter and a daily way of doing business in some cultures.

If you ever feel that that line has been crossed and you are being made to feel uncomfortable by an over eager haggler then just call a car boot marshal over and we’ll help resolve any issues.




Create a Shop Window at the Car Boot

Treat your stall like a shop window! You should try to reposition your items several times during the course of the day. This will create a diferent looking selection and buyers may well notice items they did not see before as they walk around for a second or even third time!

If you have a mix of items, such as toys, books, bric-a-brac etc, then try to keep toys in one place, books in another and bric-a-brac together.

If you have boxes of inexpensive odds n’ ends then place these on the floor at the edges of your stall. We have found that this is the best place for them as placing them directly under your stall can cause a problem by creating a barrier of bent-down buyers rumaging through them and blocking access to the goods on your stall.

If you have time walk around to the front of your stall and see if it looks appealing to you, if it doesn’t then play around with how your items are displayed!



I would recommend using a snug fitting money belt for your takings.
If you use a cash tin then keep it in your vehicle and not on the stall! Keeping your takings in your pockets can become confusing and awkward when giving back change.

Always LOCK any vehicle doors that do don’t need to be open. Check they are locked from time to time. It is not unknown for thiefs to snatch things from cars.

Keep handbags and other valuables inside your vehicle and well out of site.

Do not bring any unnecessary valuables to a car boot sale.


Things to remember:

A comfortble chair(s) for quiet moments

Carrier bags & wrapping material for your sold items.

An umbrella is a must, they are great for protection from drizzle or even blazing sunshine.

A plastic sheet is useful for covering your items if it starts to rain.

A bum-bag for your takings. Try to bring along as much small change as possible, you’ll be amazed how quickly you run out.

Your Pitch Fee 

A pen & paper if you need to give a receipt

Car Boot Sales TIP - smile!


It’s true! A happy smiley face will attract buyers to your stall.
Give honest apprasials of the items you are selling. Buyers will be a lot more confident about handing you cash if you take a moment to chat to them about the goods.

Please be aware, we reserve the right to remove any seller found selling counterfeit or illegal goods