Current Series

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On Sunday 5th and 26th October we will be asking ourselves, “Where are the places where I am saying ‘No Surrender’ to God?” Over these two weeks we will be following the story of Jonah.

We are currently collecting items to fill containers going to Uganda and Togo. You can find a list of requested items here: CONTAINER MINISTRY Harvest Request 2014



Previous Series

During the first 3 weeks in September we were thinking about how following Jesus shapes all of our lives. Using 3 different pictures we thought through the things that help align our lives with God’s great mission in the world.

To access a booklet summarising ‘God’s Mission, Our Mission’ from the Methodist Church in Ireland click here: God’s Mission Our Mission

For the full statement on mission from the Faith & Order Committee of the Methodist Church in Ireland click here: Statement on the Mission of MCI ’14