Notes from 2015 

  • Choir on left of stage
    • 25 people in an adult choir
    • Males are in the back and women are at the front
    • Pianist
    • Males on the right-hand side couldn’t hear the piano so they will want a wedge 
    • 2 AudioTechncnica Silver microphones
      • one at the back for males and
      • one at the front for the women.
    • They also need a mic for someone to speak into to do a thank you as twice in a row she hasn’t walked up to a mic.
      • Speak to them and find out who to literally hand a mic to ensure she uses one.
    • They need 25 red chairs set out for them
  • Female Soloist
    • Left of the hall on the floor rather than the stage 
    • Good SM58
    • music stand
    • Wedge
    • She will likely take the mic off the stand and sing like that which is fine, but keep an eye that she down point the mic down to the wedge when she’s isn’t singing which would give you feedback.
  • Brass band on stage
    • Don’t need microphones, trust me.
    • Conductor had a Behringer black microphone
      • You could give him a goose neck Audio Technica one if you want.
      • Put it behind him so that when he turns to the audience he can speak.
    • 25 Blue chairs for the brass band in the middle, if you put them up someone will rearrange them to the correct position.
  • School choir on stage
    • 2 SM58s in the middle to have left and right for the school choir for the solos.
    • You might want to talk to James about the Sennheiser E614 mics to cover the choir properly
  • Speeches on right of stage
    • Audio Technica gooseneck microphone
    • at a podium on the right hand side of the hall for speeches and sometimes a soloist sings from there.
    • The speaker that is built into the podium is not very strong, it also suffers from the noise of touching the podium 
  • Piano is used for a lot of things
  • They asked for recording but that wasn’t possible in the time frame, this year you can use a USB pen.
  • Starts at 3pm but you would need to be ready for 2 as people are sitting in at 2:30
  • I had DMX USB uplighting lights on the front 4 radiators and 2 washes on the wall of the cross but you need to leave room for the band.
  • There is a powerpoint, this is last years copy: lisburn-action-cancer-group-carol-service-2015
    • It tends not to change
    • They are happy for you to take it and make it look nice, I wasn’t able to find the nice version that I made
  • There is usually a video
  • *VITAL* There is always music to be played from a computer / CD / iPod.
    • Rip any CDs to the church computer
    • Any music that is on a usb pen copy it to the computer
      • USB pens are slow to read from, someone could knock the USB pen out. Save the files to the computer, trust me 
  • DO NOT USE A MAC for the PowerPoint as they don’t work properly with our projector, it’s not worth the hassle. (Passive HDMI)
  • David Lamont rented me the 4 lights at @£5 each, I got two further lights from Dan Moore 
  • Red lights for the main event
  • Michael Buble for people walking in, you could find him on YouTube (don’t forget that ads could play) or Spotify 
  • Brian is the guy who asked for lights, I think his wife is the soloist 
  • Noel is actually the older guy I think with the English accent
  • The conductor of the band is the other younger guy

Note about lights

  • If you are going to do lights, don’t have them changing colour. The best thing to do for this event is to avoid DMX, set them to one colour using the settings on the light itself and just leave them on. There aren’t plug sockets down the walls of the hall so you will need extension cables.

Note about timing

  • Once the Sunday service ends, you will need to start straight into setting up for this. There is not a lot of time and you are bound to be called away to help with other bits and pieces.

Tips for Saturday

  • Count out 25 blue chairs in the chapel and put the podium in there so that you can just lift it out. Bring all of the extension cables from the office into the main hall. You will want white electrical tape to label the desk with because it’s close to impossible to remember where everything is, especially when you are in a hurry.