1. Turn on the sound desk at the plug
  2. Turn on the sound desk from the button on the back 
  3. Log in. The basic user can only control the faders and mute buttons.
  4. Turn on the stage boxes
  5. Turn on the amps and speakers after the desk 
  6. You will see only one layer. If you press SEL on a channel, you can see its name on the screen.
  7. The fader on the far right is the master fader for the overall volume
  8. Make sure on the right-hand side the LR blue light is lit. If it is not lit, press the button below it
  9. The faders match the numbers on the stage apart from the faders at the right which are for anything plugged into the desk at the back:
    • Lapel
    • Wireless hand-held
    • PC
    • CD Player
    • Phone 
  10. If a red light is above a channel it is muted and will not be heard from any output
  11. You need to bring the fader for an input up to about zero for it to be heard

How to shut down

  • Turn the amps and speakers off before the desk 
  • Press the button on the right of the screen that says Home
  • Tap the button on the screen that says home
  • Press shut down
  • Press yes
  • The mute buttons will go a more pink red
  • Turn off the sound desk at the back 
  • Turn off the sound desk at the switch