Connecting Allen & Heath QU32 Desk to OBS on Windows

This article explains how to connect the desk to OBS—QU-Series-to-OBS

Connect Windows PC to Allen & Heath QU 32

The Windows PC part

  • Plug in the desk using USB B
  • Select your QU desk from the A&H Software (If not already selected)
asio driver copy
  • You can change the bitrate if you need to
asio buffer copy
  • You’ll see the channel outputs in the volume mixer. Select 27/28

The QU32 desk part

Select Channel 27

  • Tap the link button and link with Channel 28
  • Tap the fn button to the bottom left of the screen
  • Tap CH 27 & Ch 28 and tap USB at the bottom.
  • Ensure the Global USB Source is “USB B Streaming”
  • Changes are applied automatically

Same thing but from the iPad app

  • Tap channel 27
  • Link with Chanel 28
  • Tap source and change it to look like this:
  • USB for the input location
  • USB B for the global streaming sources