Julie Budd organises this event, speak to her to confirm the setup 


  •  6 Vocalists
    • 4 SM58s 
    • 2 Behringer mics
  • Choir / Girls Sections singing on the stage 
    • Silver Audio Technica Mics (require Phantom Power [48v]) will do, stronger mics would be better 
      • Speak to James about the Sennheiser E614
    • The girls singing need to be able to see the TV screen 
    • The black Sure Mics that are in the box will not do here as they are dynamic mics and are not designed for this.
      • Their purpose is a mic in front of an amp or a snare drum
  • George
    • Audio Technica gooseneck 
  • Paul 
    • Guitar & DI box
  • Pulpit
    • Audio Technica gooseneck 
  • Lapel
  • Wireless Handheld
    • Christmas Candles
  • Video from PC


Same as Sunday Morning