1. Find out who the organiser is well in advance, about a week or two in advance is usually enough 
  2. Find out if there is a rehearsal that you can attend so you can clearly see what’s happening
  3. Make an input list, put them in order of where you want to have them on the desk so that you can easily find them 
  4. Make sure that we have enough mic stands and microphones to cover the event, see the equipment list
  5. Try and get a running order which you can write notes on such as “Play track 1 here” etc
  6. If there is any music to be played, try and get a copy in advance that can be played from the computer as this is more reliable than a CD or someone else’s laptop or phone. 
  7. If music is to be played from an iPhone etc, make sure to have a separate lead for it to the computer so that you don’t have to rush to swap over cables
  8. Try and label the desk if you have a chance to
  9. Make sure to do a sound check of each input
    • Don’t forget about the computer
    • Also, you should test putting all of the faders to zero to check if that would cause feedback.  
    • See this link for sound check advice