• Piano L 
  • Piano R
  • George 
  • Paul 
  • Drum Box
  • Violin 
  • Clarinete 
  • Bongo 
  • Organ L 
  • Organ R
  • Alan Vocal 
  • Paul Vocal 
  • Vocal 1 
  • Vocal 2 (Niamh Solo)
  • Vocal 3 
  • Vocal 4 (Karen Solo)
  • Vocal 5
  • Vocal 6 
  • Vocal 7
  • Vocal 8
  • Pulpit
  • Lapel 
  • Wireless Hand Held
  • PC – Video
  • CD Player – Music for people walking in 
  • Reverb Return 


  • Vocal Wedge,
    • in 2017 Use two Chromos as for that many people one wedge is too quiet
  • Alan Wedge 
  • Paul Ears
  • George Ears
  • Organ Wedge
    • (Didn’t end up needing this as the organ was below the left speaker and he could hear himself from that fine)


  • 2 Washes on the back wall 
  • 4 up-lights on each of the 4 radiators at the front 
    • On the stage, get the light to be hitting 30 cm above the radiator on the wall but don’t let it hit the roof 
      • Make sure you don’t disturb the projector screen with the beam 
    • On the hall radiators, You need to be hitting the radiator from about 60cm up the radiator but don’t let it hit the roof.
      • There are going to be shadows on these as there are obstructions 
  • Try to get a copy of the powerpoint in advance if you want a chance to match the colour of the room to the background colour of the slides. 
    • I used a DMX desk for this, but if I had been more organised I would have used a laptop with a USB DMX adaptor as this would have allowed me to change the whole room to preset colours with a click of a button rather than having to move sliders to the correct position.
  • To keep it simple, I assigned both washes to [1-4] and the 4 up-lights to [5-7] on RGB to ensure that we could change colour quickly. 






img_0476 img_0479

Just showing off