• Open YouTube
  • You need to be logged into the Trinity YouTube account
  • Top right of screen click Create > Go Live
Screen shot of youtube showing the button to go live
Go live button on YouTube
  • Schedule a stream to go live at 9:55 am:
    • Click on the Manage tab
  • Click “Schedule Stream”
    • Click Reuse Settings
    • Update the details to be the current Sunday and any other details about the service
    • Change the thumbnail
      • In a new browser tab, go to this page Getting a YouTube Thumbnail right-click on the image with the correct date and click “Save As”
      • Back on YouTube, click “Change Thumbnail”
      • Choose the image you just downloaded
    • Click CREATE
    • This will allow anyone who is looking for the service early to find it before it has started
  • Click on the name of the stream to check the details
  • Click “Edit”
  • Make sure that the switches “Enable auto-start” and “Enable auto-stop” are selected. This means you have one less thing to think about
Auto Start & Stop
Auto Start & Stop

Schedule the website post

  • Log into the church website. You will have received a link to the login page.
  • At the left side of the screen, move your mouse over “Services”
  • Click “Add New”
  • Give the title of the service, e.g “Sunday 31st January 2021”. If it’s a special service you can include the name in the title as well.
  • Add the speaker for the service:
    • At the right side of the screen, you will see “Service Speakers”
    • Check the names of the person who is giving the sermon.
    • If the person isn’t in the list click “Add New” and type in their name.
  • Add the YouTube link
    • Because you have scheduled the time of the stream, you will be able to find the link to the video.
    • Open YouTube.
    • Click “Your Videos” at the left of the screen
    • Click “Live”
    • Move your mouse over the scheduled stream from the last step
    • Then click on the 3 vertical dots
    • Click “Get sharable link”
    • Go back to the service post
    • Right-click on the box that says “Video URL (Optional)”
    • Paste
  • Schedule the post
    • At the top right of the screen in the “Publish” box, it says “Publish immediately”.
    • Click the “edit” button beside that text.
    • Choose the date of the service.
    • Set the time to 09:00. That way it’ll go out a bit early even if you haven’t started the stream. It will make it easier for some people to find.
    • Click “OK”
    • Now press “Schedule”

You are now ready for the service to go live.