Check out Preparing for a Sunday Stream and How to switch equipment on and off

Going live

  • In OBS enable “Studio Mode”
  • Show the “Intro” scene
  • Click the “Start Streaming” button in OBS at the right side of the screen. Don’t do this until 9:55am
  • Ask the minister to get ready to move into the pulpit. Let them know they have 5 minutes until we are live.
  • At 10AM show the intro video
  • Give the minister a countdown to let them know when there are 10 seconds left.
  • Show the Live Camera & PowerPoint and point to the minister to let them know to start.
  • During the service, give the minister a heads up when videos have started and they are no longer on screen. Also, give the minister a heads up when the video is nearly over.

Ending the stream

  • Show the “End Bumper” video. When it’s finished:
  • Click stop streaming in OBS
  • Remove any custom videos and scenes you added in OBS for the next person
  • You’re done