AV Team Training

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Scheduling a stream

by James Anderson

YouTube Open YouTube You need to be logged into the Trinity YouTube account Top right of screen click Create > Go Live Schedule a stream to go live at 9:55 am: Click on the Manage tab Click “Schedule Stream” Click Reuse Settings Update the details to be the current Sunday and any other details about […]

How to run a Sunday stream

by James Anderson

Setup Check out Preparing for a Sunday Stream and How to switch equipment on and off Going live In OBS enable “Studio Mode” Show the “Intro” scene Click the “Start Streaming” button in OBS at the right side of the screen. Don’t do this until 9:55am Ask the minister to get ready to move into […]

How to control the camera

by James Anderson

In this post, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about how to control the camera. It’s surprisingly easy. I will cover: an overview of the preset positions and how to create new presets. Preset positions Press CAM 1. You only need to do this once when the camera has turned on i.e. […]

Getting a YouTube Thumbnail

by James Anderson

For the scheduled Live Stream on YouTube, you will need to provide a “thumbnail” image. A thumbnail is the photo that you click on to view a video. Thumbnails are how most people find the correct video. Most people don’t read the video title or description. So that each video is unique and distinctive, we […]

How to switch equipment on and off

by James Anderson

In this guide, I’m going to explain how to switch all of the equipment on and off. There are only 6 buttons/switches that you need to know. The order is important, but don’t worry about remembering it. The steps are labelled in PostIt notes at each one. Green means go and red (well, pink) means […]